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Taken together, the museum, the biography, and the record remind us that a solitary figure from Lubbock re­mains one of the world’s most towering influences on pop­ular music.Lacking Elvis Presley’s mythical persona, Buddy Holly “sounded and looked like a friend,” in the words of one writer.The Beatles (whose name was inspired by the Crickets) and the Stones made no secret of Buddy’s influence on them; in fact, the former’s first single was “That’ll Be the Day,” while the latter’s was “Not Fade Away,” both Holly originals.Buddy’s hiccupping tenor twang, his peculiar guitar downstrokes, and above all, his amiable but insistent songwriting sensibility continue to dominate today’s pop music landscape.“After Buddy died,” he tells me, his gaze steady and sad, “I didn’t listen to the radio for maybe ten years.I just couldn’t.” But the music went on, and so did Larry, and so did Lubbock.

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“Nah, Buddy didn’t do a whole lot of work, but I didn’t mind,” Larry says, his eyes alight with fond­ness.His widow, Maria, met him only eight months before he died.Larry says that he knew Buddy “better than anyone else,” but he acknowledges that “after Buddy became famous, I saw him only two or three times.” While his legacy is that of a trailblazer who steadfastly maintained his persona, Buddy obligingly wore the clothes that Crickets manager Norman Petty told him to wear and raised no objections when his first record company dropped the “e” in his last name, and he once confessed to a disk jockey that “I’d hop on the trend” if rock and roll were to give way to some other musical movement.Even beyond the obvious examples of Linda Ronstadt, Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, and Marshall Crenshaw, it is difficult to find a modern-day rocker whose look or sound does not ultimately amount to a celebration of Buddy Holly. With the exception of delta blues artist Robert Johnson, no popular American musician has influenced so many and revealed so little about himself.Buddy was not deliberately elusive; death made him that way.

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