Forefront definitions not updating

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We did the basic trouble shooting, viewing logs, checking the distribution point health, the health of the distributed package, client health, etc.What we found was that a majority of their servers had their software update component disabled.The important thing is to make sure that you have the “allow installation and restarts” option set to Yes in order to see things happen right away.If your environment has maintenance windows established, leave it as is and wait for the maintenance windows to occur.We did some checking on custom client policies and they had policies that where deployed to these servers with the software updates selection not checked.The client has changed that customer client policies for their servers and now the servers are all getting definitions.When the endpoint client updates via Config Mgr it using the Software update component piece of the Config Mgr Client.Our last issue we had to look at is why a large number of servers haven’t had their definitions updated in weeks and months.

They also had issues with trying to manually update the definitions using the GUI.

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