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During dinner with my partner’s best childhood friend, his wife of 25 years, spent 20 minutes talking about how terrible Asian drivers were and Asians shouldn’t be allowed on the road at all. When we drove home that night, my partner said, “I didn’t realise how racist some of my friends were until we starting going out”.

And of course, it happens on the other side, we’re all guilty of it.

Tað segði Randi Jacobsen, forkvinna í valstýrinum í valstaðnum í Kvívík, ið fevnir um bygdirnar Kvívík, Leynar, Stykkið, Válin og...

Slouched on a stool in art class, Kate, the girl next to me explained why my first ever boyfriend was in a scuffle during morning school break.

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I’m here to report a story for about how technology and the internet is bringing multiculturalism to the Faroe Islands for the first time.Maybe I’m paranoid but do we think less of one party in the relationship or somehow feel something other than love is in play if they aren’t the same race? My dad who is progressive and educated said to me, “it’s better you marry a Chinese person or you will always have cultural clashes which are very difficult to resolve.Regardless of whether it’s here in Australia or on the other side of the world, I think if we’re honest, whenever people date outside their culture and ethnicity, they are judged by the people around them. Relationships are hard enough and you may find members of his family deep down aren’t happy you’re Chinese, and that will be a part of your life forever.”I didn’t marry my high school sweetheart but it had nothing to do with the schoolyard comments and I have dated both inside and outside my race. Sure, there are lots of stories of people being uncomfortable.Am a business guy who like meeting new people every day and also like traveling.Meeting singles from Faroe Islands has never been easier.

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