Error when updating sub report

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When designing a report, you can add a subreport report item, then specify the report to run and any parameters required.

When your report is executed, the subreport is also executed and rendered within your report.

You'll have somthing like : i have found the solution!

This hot fix will update your single user license to the latest version .

If you have a Crystal Command version that is older than the version below then this install will automatically update you.

It was previously set to the default printer and could not changed.Two topics that I would like to dig in to are Report Parts and Subreports.Can you provide some considerations for using one versus the other?To install just click on the link below and follow the download and install instructions.Ver 9.0.6966 Fixed the SMTP email problem with the Ver 9.0.6965 Fixed the problem with passing the correct SMTP Authentication Username when emailing from the Command Line Generator.

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