Donghae dating

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When I like someone, or when someone likes me, music becomes an exit to express those emotions.” Donghae then talked about his opinion on publicly dating, and shared, “I’m going to [go public] when I get married.

I originally wanted to get married when I was 28 years old, but I still haven’t yet.

I asked them, "Donghae-ssi and Eunhyuk-ssi, do you guys have any memorable dating rumor? They said, "We don't have dating rumors because we never date." They think they don't? He is part of Super Junior music group and he is also a part of Super Junior D&E.He is among the top four Korean actors to appear on Chinese Stamps.When asked if the song was based on his own dating experience, Donghae smiled and answered, “Isn’t it [based on] everyone’s experience?” He continued, “I want to be loved by someone, and of course I want to earn the heart of a person I love.

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