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For this demo I’m setting up a zone for subnet I recommend picking the first option “Allow only secure dynamic updates”That completes the wizard, click finish Back in the DNS console click on “Reverse Lookup Zone”I can now see the new zone listed. Now I’ll click the 0.168.192zone to view the reocrds So far I have only the SOA and NS resource records, no PTR records.Once clients start dynamically updating their DNS the PTR records should start populating.You can see in the picture above the IP returned the hostname PC1. riginally posted this in 4/2006, and updated throughout the years, but I still get questions from time to time asking why updates are not working, especially PTR.In the DNS console right click on “Reverse Lookup Zones” and Select “New Zone”This will start the new zone wizard.On the Zone Type page select Primary Zone Choose to replicate to all DNS servers running on domain controllers in this domain.For example, I can look up the IP and see that it resolves to the hostname “nodaway”.Without a reverse lookup zone and PTR record, I would not be able to do this. Unless you host your own email server or have an application that requires it may not be required.

This may be the case for systems with static IP addresses like servers.

When you make a DNS change, it takes time for the changes to take effect. It is the time it takes for the domain DNS to refresh the cache on the network.

The cache is cleared over a certain amount of time.

Right click the zone and select “New Pointer (PTR)”Enter the Host IP Address and Host name fields and click OK.

I’m creating a record for IP, with the hostname of pc1.

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