Dating without drama quiz

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Paige Parker’s quiz will help you get a read on your most recent date and decide whether he’s second-date worthy. a) You had a drink in the neighborhood/grabbed dinner in a low-key restaurant/etc. He couldn’t have picked anything you’d be LESS interested in if he tried. He knew that Thai food was your favorite, and picked an amazing restaurant you’d never been to before. After all, when you meet that special guy who scores off the charts on the “First Date Analysis” quiz and doesn’t exhibit ANY of your personal deal breakers, you’ll want to be prepared! The contents of this article are for entertainment purposes only.

The other night I was out having sushi with the girls and we got into the FUNNIEST conversation… It didn’t matter to you that it wasn’t extravagant, you were just enjoying his company. You are responsible for your personal decisions and none of the information provided should be considered legal or professional advice.

So the next time you find yourself a little unsure of your feelings after a first date, I’ve got something to help you analyze how things went. d) Wondering why you agreed to go out with him in the first place and antsy to get the heck outta there.

Take this quiz to get a read on your most recent date and help decide whether he’s second-date worthy!

But, I'm telling you, being so dramatic is not like a "badge of honor" someone would be proud of wearing. Perhaps being given the title Drama Queen even appeals to you in some weird way. Take Another Quiz: Visit Quiz Central You do have a bit of a flair about you, but you are more of the sensitive type... Sure, your emotions will overtake you sometimes, and you might feel like you are coming apart at the seams.

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This was a great first date, at least from your point of view. There are so many factors at play on a first date that can affect how you see someone – his nerves, your nerves, unrealistic expectations, preconceived notions, just to name a few – so if you find yourself still interested in this guy now that the night is over, take it as a very good sign. Part 2 can be found on in “Reflections and Revelations: A Dater’s Self-Discovery Guide,” the companion workbook that comes as a bonus when you download my e-book “Dating Without Drama.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Ok…

Place a plus or a minus by the behavior that applies to you most often. • feel tight inside and do not verbalize my emotions. • feel responsible for making the relationship work and getting my partner to open up and talk. • get others’ input about what I should be doing to handle the situation.

• adopt an “I’ll take care of myself/I don’t need anyone” attitude. Now, complete this sentence: “When I get upset, I tend to become like a (Turtle) (Hailstorm) (depending on which got more plus marks in the above chart) to hide my fear of/that…” Write what fear you think your habitual response is hiding.

• feel safer alone or in situations that are not intense.

We all have misunderstandings with our significant others.

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