Dating unattractive women

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Also a ‘snubber’ – if a guy asks you out and you don’t want to accept, at least have the decency to say so! Last but not least, please, for the love of God, dress for your shape!

The stupid “hi yaaaaa” that girls do when they meet their friends – arms thrown in the air, loud and high pitched for maximum attention – these are my friends, all mine!After finding out what guys find irresistible about women, I thought it was time to explore the other end of the spectrum.Ladies – brace yourselves and prepare for some home truths; here are the things men find unattractive about women: 1) “Too much makeup; women that look like they have a mini cement mixer for the foundation they slap on.Respect yourself, respect your morals and respect my right not to have to pander to your every wish.” 14) ” Boring chat – if you cannot make interesting conversation, there is very little chance I will find you attractive.Personality-wise, the biggest turn-off for me is a girl with misplaced confidence.

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