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: Reducing the digital divide through a tailored multimedia Internet interface to provide Ethiopian immigrants with low-literacy skills with information on health issues they chose A physiological assessment of secondhand smoke exposure in the absence of a comprehensive smoking ban An Assessment of Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Exposure Using Personal Air Sampling and Exhaled Breath Analysis Unraveling data on the sexual practices, values and perceptions of university youth from the Arab World: The Case of Lebanon Nonmedical use of Psychoactive Prescription Drugs among adolescents: What's Waterpipe Smoking Got to do with it?Gender Differences in Sexual Abuse and Violence among University Students: Results from the First Online Sexuality Survey in Lebanon and the Arab Region Preventing Alcohol and other drugs at the community-level in City of Palmdale, California: Using evidence-based practices & innovative data analysis tools to help inform AOD community-oriented, evidence-based prevention strategies Using Mixed Methods to Examine Distracted Driving in an Occupational Population Measuring and Evaluating Injury and Violence Prevention Capacity: The Base Integration Component (BIC) of the CDC Core Violence Injury Prevention Program (Core VIPP) Residential Sprinklers for a Safer Tomorrow: What Every Public Health Professional Needs to Know about the Technology and Public Opinion Safety strategy use among women seeking temporary protective orders: The relationship between violence experienced, strategy effectiveness, and risk perception Great Recession, Alcohol Intoxication and Suicide: Results from the National Violent Death Reporting System Implementing and sustaining effective alcohol-related policies and interventions at the local level: Evidence, challenges and next steps Power analysis: An anti-racism tool for mapping pressure point encounters in cancer care inequities How a CBPR partnership developed capacity to implement systems-interventions within medical centers: Organizing co-learning and trust among partners while addressing racial equity in cancer outcomes For the Sake of All: Engaging cross-sector audiences to address health disparities in St.' Examining the experience and effectiveness of continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring with a female student population Menthol Cigarette Smoking among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Adults in the United States Current tobacco product use among sexual minorities in the United States: Smokeless tobacco, Snus, cigar, hookah, and pipe Awareness of Smoking Cessation Methods among LGBT and heterosexual individuals Advocating for the Importance of Oral Health in the Underserved Community: The Minority Oral Health and Dental Access Program (MOHDAP) Promoting Oral Health and Community-Based Participatory Research: The Minority Men's Oral Health and Dental Access Program (MOHDAP) Perceptions and personal residential segregation experiences: Developing a culturally appropriate racial composition measure among medically underserved patients Making an Impact: Do Your Community Benefit Programs Make a Difference or Merely Exist?For the Sake of All: Engaging cross-sector audiences to address health disparities in St.Process and outcome measures related to specific adverse events seen in US surgical inpatients 18 years old: Findings from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)'s National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports (NHQR/DR) Breast Cancer Puzzle: Using Electronic Media to Communicate Breast Cancer Risk Information to Young African American Women Understanding How to Communicate Breast Cancer Risk Information to Young African American Women Influence of ART, Orphanhood, and Education on Trends Over Time in Initiation of Sexual Intercourse among Adolescents, Rakai District, Uganda, 1994-2011 Influence of Partner Characteristics on HIV Acquisition among Youth in Rakai, Uganda A Model for Coordination of Mental Health Care for Transitioning Serice Members A Systematic Process Improvement Approach for Small Practices to Overcome Barriers to ICD-10 Conversion When mental health diagnosis isn't enough: The need for comprehensive data to understand suicide risk in the military How do we know that new teaching methods are effective?Evaluation of a practice-based curriculum for Master of Public Health Students Linking the community to the classroom: Engaging the community to move academic public health instruction from the theoretical to the practical Motivation, recommendation, and information sources for common provider-based complementary and alternative medicine therapies - chiropractic/osteopathic manipulation, massage, and acupuncture: Analysis of the 2012 National Health Interview Survey Hepatitis B awareness and screening campaign with the Vietnamese on the Mississippi gulf coast Partnerships with communities and local health departments to disseminate information about the Affordable Care Act Improving the food environment in six vulnerable communities: Evaluation of the Food & Fitness community partnerships Engaging and empowering youth to address health inequities in their communities Collaborative evaluation of community-based public health work: Methods, tools, and feedback loops of the Food & Fitness Cross-Site Evaluation Race-Specific Patterns and Determinants of Alcohol Use among a Sample of Men Who Have Sex with Men Where do Gay, Bisexual and Other MSM in NYC Live, Socialize and Have Sex?Does the receipt of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits predicted greater consumption of soda in a public health clinic population?Evaluating Participatory Photo Mapping: A Promising Practice to Advance Strategies in Community Health Using Participatory Photo Mapping to Explore Food Choices and Physical Activity Opportunities with Latino Youth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Risk Factors for HIV Transmission: Perspectives from Metropolitan Atlanta Youth From idea to proof of concept: How to create an impactful HIV/STD/teen pregnancy-focused motion comic for young people Why we should use motion comics to educate adolescents on reproductive health Primary prevention of violence in high school pupils in Scotland: Evaluation of the Medics Against Violence programme Effectiveness of universal school-based programmes aimed at the primary prevention of violence in secondary school-aged young people (11-18 years): Results from a systematic review Can I dance in high heels with this?

; Non-doers' regarding getting the HPV vaccine Evaluation of CBPR theory-based HIV prevention interventions: 2000-2013 Using a community-based participatory approach to examine the behavior of getting a regular mammogram among rural women; An application of Reasoned Action Approach You don't have to know how to read to get health information from the Internet!The Padres Informados, Jovenes Preparados trial Negotiating social and health risks in the pursuit of sexual relationships in physical and virtual spaces: A qualitative study of Black Men who have Sex Men (BMSM) in New York City How Black men who have sex with men in New York City understand, talk about, and engage with pre-exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP) Nuestro Texas: Reproductive health, rights, and justice for Latinas in the Rio Grande Valley Promoting the Dignity of parenting Youth: Digital Storytelling and Organizing as Tools to engage young parenting Latinas Seleccin Sana, Vida Saludable (Healthy Choices, Healthy Life): A culturally appropriate Nutrition and Physical Activity Program using Community Health Workers as Agents of Change in underserved Latino Communities Lessons learned by a state Medicaid agency after reimbursement of SBIRT for pregnant clients Impact of a public-private partnership to improve the health of mothers and newborns by decreasing early elective deliveries Exergame Options for Physical Activity: Geocaching for Exercise and Activity Research Grimes County Physical Activity and Community Engagement (PACE) Project: Increasing Access to Physical Activity in Rural Populations Community capacity dimensions influencing success of local initiatives: The importance of reflexivity Using Community Health Workers to Increase Awareness about the Affordable Care Act in a Rural Community MOST: A partnership approach for expanding mental health care Using Structural Equation Modeling to Explore Relationships between Access, Accessibility, and Health Status Impact of new ACOG guidelines on VBAC availability: Perspectives from national surveys before and after the guidelines Analyzing State and County Rates of Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) before and after Revision of ACOG Guidelines Cleaning-chemical exposures and respiratory, dermatological and musculoskeletal symptoms among custodians using traditional and green cleaners An index to identify differences in custodians' exposures to cleaning chemicals Effects of Training on Custodians' Satisfaction and Acceptance of Environmentally Preferable Products Color of Smoke: The Experience of African Americans and Latinos with Tobacco and Discrimination Role of religion and social support in willingness to participate in future research among a national sample of African Americans and Latinos Reducing Prenatal and Childhood Environmental Risks among Hispanic Families along the U.S.- Mexico Border A train the-trainer project: Equipping promotoras to empower Hispanic families in South Texas to recognize developmental milestones and warning signs of autism Evaluation of a promotora-led intervention to build awareness of developmental milestones and warning signs of autism among families in South Texas Did eliminating flavored milk at a Los Angeles County local school district result in a decline in students selecting milk?Louis, Missouri Colorectal Cancer Screening and Young African-American Men: Male Role Norms, Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions Relationship between expressive writing and health outcomes: A meta-analysis Impact of Male Role Norms on Young African-American Men's Attitudes toward Colorectal Cancer and Colorectal Cancer Screening Segmentation of a Medicare Advantage population using the Diabetes Complications Severity Index (DCSI) Facilitating access to free diabetic retinal exams with a novel geospatial approach in a national Medicare Advantage population with diabetes Diabetes disease progression among a Medicare Advantage population a retrospective analysis Call Me Maybe: Lessons from recruitment strategies for a diabetes self-care program for a Medicare Advantage population Sexual orientation disparities in human papillomavirus vaccination among adolescent and young adult U. women aged 15-25 years Socially assigned gender expression and health-related quality of life in a cohort of young adults Smoking cessation at bladder cancer diagnosis: Many patients might benefit from this teachable moment Predictors of Knowledge of the Harmfulness of Tobacco Use in Bladder Cancer Survivors Incorporation of tobacco screening into urologic care in the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System What ails community participation for healthcare in urban contexts in India?Examining collective action theory and practice in two Indian cities Dilemmas of municipal health care provision in an evolving health care market in Pune, India: An ethnographic study Exploring the role of hospice nursing in a surgical center for civilian victims of war From theory to practice: Public health practitioners, academics, and advocates in relation to armed conflict and war Increasing student water consumption during school meals: A group-randomized, controlled trial Evaluating the Impact of the Healthy Beverage Executive Order for City Agencies in Boston, MA Improving state childhood obesity surveillance: A review of current practice and recommendations for change Filling in the Gaps: State-specific childhood obesity prevalence corrected for self-report bias Redrawing the US Obesity Landscape: Bias-corrected estimates of state-specific adult obesity prevalence Using synthetic growth trajectories to predict childhood obesity trends at the individual and population level Dissemination of the OSNAP (Out-of-School Nutrition and Physical Activity) intervention: Evidence-based strategies, low-cost resources, and partnerships for success Competitive beverage availability in Boston Public Schools after implementation of a comprehensive, district-wide nutrition policy Out of school time nutrition & physical activity (OSNAP) initiative online course: Creating healthy spaces for kids Conflict, Peace, and Public Health in Syria: Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis Human rights impact assessments: Documementing how private sector investments impact international health Extracting wealth, undermining health: The impact of oil, gas and mining on global health Extractive Industries and Environmental Health: Impacts, Advocacy and Community Solutions An Innovative Packaging and Pricing Regulation to Reduce Youth Cigar Use in Boston, Massachusetts: Rationales and Preliminary Findings Massachusetts Experience: Local policy action and State proposal Urban-rural status affects associations between overall environmental quality and cancer incidence Patterns of association between environmental quality and physical inactivity vary across the rural-urban continuum National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health and Health Care from the HHS Office of Minority Health: Promoting effective, cross-cultural communication to help reduce health disparities Promoting Healthy Choices and Community Change: An E-Learning Program for Promotores de Salud Combining Social Innovation, Business Principles, and Public Health to Address Healthy School Food in New Orleans Public Schools Successes and Challenges of Collaborating with Schools and School Food Service Providers: Lessons Learned from the Healthy School Food Collaborative Evaluation Addressing Refugee Health and Safety through Gender-Specific Interventions: Clean Ethanol Stoves Fuel as a Tool for Protection and Prevention Meeting the needs of families at high-risk for child maltreatment: The braiding of two evidence-based curricula Potential role of herbal therapies by chiropractic physicians in preventing Alzheimer's disease: A literature review Strong bones for a healthy life: Study design for development of a community osteoporosis prevention program in a chiropractic educational clinic Correlates of substance use during sex among women living with HIV engaged in routine healthcare in 4 U. cities Improving clinic efficiency through tablet-based electronic patient reported outcomes (e PRO) National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health and Health Care from the HHS Office of Minority Health: Promoting effective, cross-cultural communication to help reduce health disparities Breast Cancer Puzzle: Using Electronic Media to Communicate Breast Cancer Risk Information to Young African American Women Understanding How to Communicate Breast Cancer Risk Information to Young African American Women Assessing data quality in a community-based longitudinal study with middle-school adolescents Patterns of association between environmental quality and physical inactivity vary across the rural-urban continuum A stitch in time?

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