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Japanese porcelain has almost always been good quality and has almost always been collected But Noritake is probably the lesser cousin to the more desireable Kakiemon, Satsuma, Kutani and Imari porcelain wares.However we find it appeals to oriental porcelain collectors and that there is a good market for it.Guide to Noritake China & Dating Noritake Marks – Antique Marks The Morimura Brothers formed the Noritake company in Tokyo and opened an export office in New York.They initially produced a full range of china marked with the Nippon mark and also sold china in-the-white, ie; blanks for decorating by outside agencies and decorators, thus the quality of the earlier finished product can vary.Between 18 the company marked their export china with ‘Nippon’ in western characters.

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For instance, coralene and moriage decorated pieces of Nippon porcelain are highly sought after and command very high prices.For porcelain collectors, this makes dating your piece really easy.If your piece is marked "Nippon," then it was made and imported between 18.Noritake China is still produced today and there are a wide variety of marks being used …Some current marks include pattern or series names including Impromptu, Oneida, Grandceram, New Lineage, Noritake Tea Collection, among others. The most current Noritake mark includes ‘Noritake Bone China’ above a Grecian style urn, within a wreath and with ® and Japan below.

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