Dating multiple guys

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If you suspect she is dating others, then hint without saying it that you are too, even if you are not. You will notice she will work harder to please you.I have noticed that the better quality girls don't require multiple men though and they do dismiss men who require variety, so tread carefully.I'd agree with the above poster and at this point she owes you nothing and you owe her nothing.

Until you have had the talk and know exactly where you stand, and have both decided to be "exclusive", you're both free agents. This sounds like typical on-line dating behavior... I personally only date one woman at a time, and prefer the same from those who I date.If you are not exclusively dating each other (which would be normal for having been on so few dates so far), it's normal to be dating other people.Not everyone dates multiple people at once, but many do.Haven't been on a date with a quality girl in months crew.This shouldn't phase you brahs and shouldn't consume your thoughts. Unless exclusive, she can see whomever she wants but also, as can you .

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