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The purpose of this sit-in had been to pressure the British company to resume contributions to an employment fund that ensured their meagre salaries, and the closure of which had caused hundreds of people to lose their jobs.

When I was on the island, I had the opportunity to talk with a few young people who had participated in the February-March sit-in.

These communities suffer from an extractivist model of development synonymous with resource pillaging and environmental degradation.

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A delegation headed by the Tunisia Minister of Environment and accompanied by a TV crew was also on the ferry.

Octopus are particularly emblematic of the islands, and are captured from the end of October until the end of April using another Kerkennian method: the use of jar-shaped receptacles.

Local communities continue to bear the externalised social and environmental costs of this industry.

They told us that this was not the first time, but rather the third or fourth time this had occurred.

They took us alongside the beach to show us where the black substance (most likely oil) ended up on the shore and how in some places, it had been covered with sand to conceal it from view.

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