Dating divorced woman two kids

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You might learn that he is way behind on his child support and is making no effort to catch up.If he doesn't take his duties as a parent seriously -- he is likely to shirk other responsibilities.He child can't stand her child and there is an 8 yr age difference, nightmare scenario.I believe he saw her as easy prey because of her circumstance and she saw him as an easy option instead of getting out there and working hard to provide for herself and her child. That doesn't sound like someone who moves "way too fast". I'm 34 with a 7.5 year old and most of the guys I meet looking to settle down fall into the latter category. Make sure you can take care of you and your child first and foremost. She's a year post divorce and just now interested in dating. There are plenty of divorced military guys AND never married, childless men who would make good partners.I'm lucky in that I'm financially independent and have a pretty comfortable life. I would date closer to your age, a man single-never-married who wants to get married and have kids.

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I would love to meet a guy with an only like myself. I'll add this...while its not an absolute requirement, staying in shape will help your cause a ton. For every guy who isn't open to a young mom, there's at least one guy who is. Friend of mine was widowed around same age as you with 3 yr old. Sounded great, good job, came to visit in very expensive fancy cars, looked like he was off the cover of Abercrombie and Finch. My friend wasn't in a position to take care of herself and her child and this guy was the path of least resistance.Just imagine if she had just focused on herself and her child.Oh I agree completely, she got what she was asking for and then some.When you spend time with him and his children, you might find that you and he have different expectations for good behavior.If he lets them rule the roost and doesn't listen to your concerns, probably, their unruliness will escalate.

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