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I have read this book couple of times over the years.

Judah Smith also told his personal experience in regards to Purity and it is great to know someone actually made it through, been there, done that.

Eventhough I do not know what, but I started to realized who I really are, and what I am being called to Japan for. Just a coincidence ( Maybe ), my church friend gave me a book called Dating Delilah. It gives me all I should know about purity and about how to find the girl that God arrange for you. Before marriage, we shouldn't have touching of anywhere near body parts that could arouse sexual feeling or so. It started to gets me back in track in my life to search for my soul mate. When we start to look for soul mate, we would start to look around to find the right person in our life. Hmm, it is an interesting fact that these days fashion is important in our life. Therefore, as long as we live according to these 8 boundaries, we could find the right person that belong to us. So, Do it the right way and we would find the person that truly belong to us.

I have done my own searching and have my own preference of girls, and thought God could bless those relationship. Not even one could fit the image of what God is going to give to me. As christian, it is all right for us to be friends with non-christian because they do not know what is right or wrong. But immoral friends are refer to those christians, that still compromise with sexual things and those sin issues. God always give them a pair so why couldn't HE provide us with soul mate if we are MORE PRECIOUS than those animals.

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The longer I stay in Japan, the more I could understand more about life, about myself and about relationships. These days, I realized the importance of being patience. God had put something that being keep stirring up in my heart since I came here last October. To tell the truth, that is the last thing I would want to do in my life, BUT HE put marriage in my heart and give me the urge to search for my soul mate, which HE already decided for me. One part I am very fascinated about is the eight boundaries that we should follow in order to find the right girl to walk with us in our journey for God. As it is written, we should not have sex with anyone before marriage, means before we find the right one. We should not compromise with the fact that homosexual IS a sin. God created us male and female, so that we could enjoy each other's company. It is just the same as we commit adultery because we are thinking of it as well. And every girl become our target, and then we begin to eliminate each one of them as time goes. God tells us that we should treat one another as brother and sister in christ. STOP treating everyone as potential soul mate and try to chase to see whether could success or not. But what this boundary meant is that, where do you want people to look at you when they first see you. So why use it to watch pornography or see pornography magazines?

At the age of 13, Judah, a pastor's kid and Christian, realized he wasn't gonna win the war against his sin nature. Even now, after marrying the only girl he ever kissed, Judah still fights.

Judah is also the author of the New York Times bestselling book Jesus Is _____ and coauthor of I Will Follow...

See more Judah Smith is the lead pastor of Churchome, formerly named the City Church.

The reason is that sex is about both person would have spiritual connection when having sex. Because marriage starts with friendships and communication. For guys maybe not that important but it is important for girls to becareful of their clothing and their intention of their clothing. Another thing is that we should not look at girls with lustful eyes.

If it is not the right person, wouldn't that be a waste? All it is saying is that we as christian that following God, should find another person who could walk the same path to focus on God rather than someone who is not compatible and only focus on worldly things.

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