Dating and ultimatums

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Generally speaking, there seems to be a maximum “two year deadline” for women who want a marriage commitment from their partner.

Ultimatums are a common discussion at this time of the relationship.

Or better yet, why would you not give yourself an ultimatum instead of your mate?

One part of the definition of the word ultimatum people often overlook or ignore is the part where it says that an ultimatum is an uncompromising set of terms or demands.

If it is stagnant & predictable early on, the chances of a happy future with this person will probably not happen.

Deciding to ignore the signs is limiting your happiness and cheating you out of a wonderful future with someone more compatible.

Also, if you do give your mate an ultimatum and you get the results/commitment you desire, is that commitment sincere? Answer these questions open and honestly before you decide to give an ultimatum because you don’t want to make a mistake, and the mistake could be you pushing your man away, or you staying and missing the blessing that is your true soul mate…not to mention, blocking his too.

The mistake that is often made though is that both women and men do not set and establish individual and relationship standards at the beginning of a new relationship.Compatibility & chemistry are needed tools to keep a relationship fresh & alive!Of course friendship is a big necessity as well but the other two components need to be there to keep the sex & love nurtured and forever blossoming.Most men do not respond well to this & view it as a threat which ultimately it is.It backs them into a corner that they are not really ready to discuss, otherwise they would have already.

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