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When your significant other ends the relationship, it can be a painful, lonely experience that makes you feel worthless and leaves you with a broken heart.Though it may not feel like you can get through this heartache, there are ways to cope that will see you through to the other side with a different perspective. The sooner you accept that it is over, the faster you can heal.If you can't bear to part with these items -- then put them into storage. This basically falls on the same lines as getting rid of things that remind you of your ex.

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Get rid of things that belong to or remind you of your ex.

By doing these things, you may find your health declining, hurt yourself or others, or find yourself in a world of regret. Just because you are no longer in a relationship doesn't mean you are any less important.

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Jot down aspects about your ex that you didn't like; such as habits, physical attributes, or personality features.

The idea is to focus on the things you didn't like and no longer have to deal with in order to better cope with the breakup.

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