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Deep sensitivity to animals, and doesn't eat them or murder them for food or sport. Has read everything and is aware of current events in politics. I used to date a woman and her ex was 6’10” but things didn’t work out so she realized how dumb it was to focus on just height or appearance. Men who focus on just looks will eventually realize the relationship won’t work unless they actually get a long together and are compatible which has nothing to do with her looks. Either they become overly confident to hide their insecurities or they are withdrawn and meek.

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But more importantly: Is it even a relevant and comparable retort?On the other hand, I have only once been asked my height on Tinder, by a woman who was one inch shorter than me and just didn’t want to be taller than the man in the relationship.It did not matter that I wasn’t a basketball star, and things went beautifully thereafter. Perhaps we are still a conservative country along with a low population. In reality, I have rarely seen a couple with a taller woman and a shorter man (live in Ireland).

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