Dating a leo woman lenny and squiggy dating game

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Unless you’re looking primarily for a physical relationship, this means you lose out. You have to listen to him, understand him, appreciate him, give him feedback, and then you take your turn on the spotlight. When you hog the spotlight so much or when you crowd your date out, it’s basically a signal to him to either treat you very superficially, in other words to treat you simply as a bed partner, or to basically cut you off and just find somebody else that would provide him the emotional validation that he needs.

In keeping with my previous piece of advice above, don’t let the date become a one man show. You have to remember that just as Leo people are starved for emotional validation, so are other horoscope signs.

It is believed that Leos are the toughest people in the world – they are pretty strict, purposeful, fast in making decisions and born to be leaders.

But how to seduce a Leo woman if you are not the bossiest type of a man?

Leo women love good-looking men, they will not hesitate to point at somebody else’s untidiness in case of emergency.

In many cases, guys are more than willing to let you do it. They think that by giving you some rope and some freedom in setting up and running the conversation, you would see them as a person that would become an equal partner in a relationship. You like to take credit; you like to be the star of the show; you like to be the center of attention.

In addition, those women definitely know how to earn money and how to spend them!

They rarely run around, trying to please the crowd, preferring to accept honors.

But in spite of everything beautiful, rich and pompous, Leo women leave most space for leader qualities, fame, good social position and stability.

Leos come across as the most passionate and extremely generous people who like living large, showing their good health state or width of their pockets.

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