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The newest development in what has to be the longest most drawn out divorce saga in NBA history is that Allen Iverson is being accused of kidnapping his own kids.

Check out the deets on Tawanna filing papers on his for never returning the kids to her care...

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Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan will forever be one of the best players to step on an NBA court and both had their own uniqueness about them on and off the court.As we all know, Tawanna Iverson filed for divorce...again..NBA veteran Allen Iverson and it became final this past February.But the issue of custody of their several children was still a touchy subject.When AI was walking through the tunnel, MJ said “What’s up little b*tch.” AI shrugged it off and said “Alright, man.” He stayed collected and didn’t let that get to him at all.That was the first time they ever spoke with each other too.

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