Cypriot adult cams

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This spot is atop a cliff, making the view out over the sea a wonderful backdrop for photos – especially if you stand within the huge square sculpture – perfect for Instagram.

The park has only been open since 2014, making it an anomaly among the ancient structures usually found in Cyprus.

This area is also said to be home to the Ayia Sea Monster (known locally as the Friendly Sea Monster).You can access the caves by both land and sea, with many companies offering transport and boat tours of the area.Fishing and cliff jumping are just as popular as swimming and diving.It’s supposedly not a harmful monster, and it’s said that the only things you’ll end up with if you cross paths with the creature are a feeling of awe and a very cool story.This region of the Mediterranean has no shortage of beaches, so it should come as no surprise that Cyprus is full of them.

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