Curriculum dating education health in sask topic

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Adult secondary education: Adults who haven’t completed elementary or secondary education can take adult education programs.

We develop and mature over time–our brains, our bodies, the sense of who we are and who we want to be.

Development is a beautiful thing, really, exciting and creative, and it makes parents, friends, and teachers look on in awe.

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Being equipped with the knowledge of personal rights and an understanding of consent helps individuals recognize signs of coercion or abuse and provides the tools required to protect themselves.Using a compassionate approach and taking into account the diversity of learners, each module of the curriculum offers various learning strategies, worksheets, and activities.The curriculum covers sexual health topics including, but not limited to, the physical body and changes, boundaries, healthy relationships, dating, intimacy, sexual orientation, safer sex practices, and understanding sexuality.Use the links below to find out more about: ________________________ Can’t start without the basic facts.What does science, study, and experience tell us about human sexuality? Here, you’ll find the basic biological facts about the human body and its development of sexuality from early childhood onward. overview of healthy childhood sexual development.

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