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His coomb was redder than the fyn coral, And batailled, as it were a castel wal.

His byle was blak, and as the jeet it shoon, Lyk asure were hise legges and his toon, His nayles whiter than the lylye flour, And lyk the burned gold was his colour.

The analysis began by looking at all Division I colleges and universities and studying their retention rates, graduation rates, selectivity, and financial aid. The reality may be a little of both, for the original costume for the University of Akron mascot debuted in 1954 and included a paper mâché kangaroo head and a zip-up brown furry uniform. The university's mascot is Big Al, an elephant.

Those numbers were lovely, and they were probably useful for something. The choice of the kangaroo makes a lot of sense because of, um, all the kangaroos running free in Eastern Ohio? But if you've ever watched a minute of college football, you know the team is the Alabama Crimson Tide, not the Alabama Elephants.

You're going to want to sound as intimidating as possible.

If you can find that rhythm with your fantasy team name -- Davante's Inferno, Landry Service, Inglorious Staffords -- you're going next level. Godwin Bless America Godwin Or Go Home You Play to Godwin the Game Golladay Inn Express My Kupp Runneth Over Keke, Do You Love Me? Rolling with Mahomes Country Roads, Take Mahomes Sherlock Mahomes Luck Be a Brady Deshaun of the Dead It's Always Darkest Before Deshaun Aaron on the Side of Caution Carson Investigator Attempted Carson White Picket Wentz Barbed Wire Wentz Baker's Mark Wake and Baker Mayfield of Dreams Peaceful, Brees-y Thielen This is the perfect team name for all the people out there who play fantasy football, have both Drew Brees AND Adam Thielen on their teams AND enjoy 1970s soft rock. Green Eggs and Cam Goff and Running I'm About to Go Goff Dak to the Future Dak in Black Return of the Dak Baby Got Dak Hit Me with Your Prescott Kyler the Creator Kyler Soze Natural Born Kylers Thrill Murray There's Something About Murray Kelce Handler Ertz So Good Love Ertz Kittle League Kittle Corn Kittle Big Town Vance Like No One is Watching Vance in My Pants Mary Kate and Greg Olsen Fant-asy Team You Fant Touch This Don't Talk to Me or My Hockenson Ever Again Hockenson Loogies Zuerlein'd Coat Bad Mother Tucker Yippee Ki-Yay Justin Tucker Livin' On A Prater If you're going to name your fantasy team after a kicker, lean toward the Justin Tucker names.

The Coastal Carolina website describes our heroic rooster in modern English, but you probably prefer to read the description in the original Middle English: A yeerd she hadde, enclosed al aboute With stikkes, and a drye dych withoute, In which she hadde a Cok, hight Chauntecleer, In al the land of crowyng nas his peer.

He's awesome.)This also means you shouldn't name your team after defensive players (tough break, "You're Not the Bosa Me") or coaches (farewell, "Belichick Yourself"). Chanticleer is a rooster in the Nun's Priest's Tale of Chaucer's .The story follows the adventures of this bird as he is captured by, and eventually outsmarts and escapes from, a fox.It's clear evidence that more people need to major in history. With all the camels living in the United States, it's surprising that Campbell University is the only school in the country to adopt the camel for the branding of its athletic programs.What is known is that in 1946 the school's moniker suddenly changed from the "Bulldogs" to the "Sun Devils." But who really cares who made the change? After all, a bulldog is a broad-shouldered, intimidating animal while a sun devil is a..... The teams are the Fighting Camels and Lady Camels, and the mascot is Gaylord the Camel.

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