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When comparing rates from different lenders, be sure to pay attention to additional key differences, such as fees, before making a final decision (Earnest has no fees, for what it’s worth).

The next step is to submit an application, and provide any additional required verification, such as IDs or pay stubs.

We’ve put together a library of essential resources (like how-to guides, comparisons, and calculators) to help you make better choices when it comes to refinancing student loans.

And if you’re managing credit card debt too, check out our post on when to refinance it. Browse Resource Library Refinancing student loans makes sense for many people if they are eligible.

Once you’re approved, you are automatically approved for the total eligible student loan amount listed on your credit report.

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This program allows you to refinance your DEAL Student Loans along with any other private/alternative student loans you have with other lenders into one new loan.That being said, you must be employed or possess a job offer to be eligible to refinance with Earnest.The more your financial situation has improved since you took out the loans originally, the better your refinancing offer will be.For starters, student loan consolidation (which is included in the student loan refinancing process) simplifies the management of your monthly payments.Refinancing allows you to consolidate both your federal and private loans, select a repayment term that makes sense for you, and often lower your interest rate.

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