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After she kicked off her reality TV run in September 2004 on "Laguna," she moved to L. to continue to tell her story on "The Hills" in 2006.Fans went on dates, good and bad, with LC, before she left TV in 2009 and dated without the prying eye of the camera lens. Candy' author is living proof that there are certain types of guys every girl should date before she ties the knot. LC famously crushed on Stephen Colletti during her time on "Laguna." But the romance hit a snag when Kristin Cavallari also had the hots for him.

But, Jason and LC were not meant to be, even if longtime rival Spencer Pratt tried to cook up rumors of a sex tape, for which he later, rather shockingly, apologized for.(She named some styles after her pals — obviously, there's a Lo for Lauren Bosworth, an Audrina for Audrina Patridge, and a Whitney for Whitney Port.) As for any negative reviews her creations have gotten, she says, "It's business. Even if people are rude, at least they're talking about it!" While she certainly has a few detractors, young women gravitate toward Lauren because they see themselves in her.(The line will go international in 2009.) "I didn't do the show to skip the line at a nightclub," she says matter-of-factly. I'm not going to be able to depend on this press forever. I want people to buy it for the design and not the label inside." Lauren is so hands-on with the clothing line — characterized by simple silhouettes and versatile jersey and cotton pieces — that she's the fit model for each design."I try to think of things that I or my friends would want to wear," she says.

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