College and dating violence

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Programs should offer men strategies to help reduce both behaviors.Women should participate in drinking prevention programs prior to beginning sophomore year.This guide offers information and resources to help college students better understand consent and how to ask for and give it.Find out what consent is, what it looks like, and what to do if it isn’t granted and a sexual assault occurs.Both men and women would benefit from better information about how to establish and maintain healthy dating relationships.Using a sample of female college students involved in a current dating relationship, we investigate the nature of violence in these intimate relationships to better understand the concept of violence mutuality.The questionnaire also asked participants about drinking behavior, including how often they engaged in binge drinking, defined as five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women, and the number of times they felt drunk.

The students answered questions designed to assess the details of any dating violence.

With sexual assaults on college campuses making more and more headlines and the #Me Too movement, the definitions and understanding of consent and sexual assault have been at the forefront of public discussion recently, particularly on college campuses where the mix of social events and alcohol can further complicate matters.

The reality is that despite knowing the legal definition of consent, many students do not fully understand how to practice consensual behavior on campus.

Supported By Evidence Program authors or researchers have established evidence of effectiveness of this program by demonstrating participants’ improvements on one or more learning objective, using an experimental or quasi-experimental design (with a comparison group).

This evaluation data must have been published in at least one peer-reviewed publication.

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