Cm punk dating history Where is the free darkcavern chat room

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The “Irish Lasskicker” kicked John out of the ring during a tag team match to claim the victory.There’s even been hardcore fan-fiction about Lynch and Cena dating.She left WWE in 2012 but has returned occasionally.Cena and Kelly Kelly were seeing each other while Cena was still married, which is partly why Kelly took a break from WWE—so as to prevent the scandal from going public.

Many believe there was more to the on-stage kiss between her and Cena than met the eye, though she said, “I’m an actress first…Also known as Victoria or Tara, she’s still one of the hottest women in professional wrestling.She has spent time in WWE and TNA, and is a multiple-champion for both organizations.Shariatzadeh is a Canadian engineer who works at Avigilon, a security solutions company.This one has always been a rumor and has never been confirmed outright, but there is strong speculation that John Cena hooked up with CM Punk’s current wife, AJ Lee, in the past.

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