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So the answer is yes - you can be Christian and gay! Being gay is accepting yourself when others are not accepting of you. Being gay is being who you are -- even though you don't understand it. Being gay is gentleness, warmth and sensitivity, when you are not at war with the outside world. Being gay is different, and the definition of different is not "bad." 13.You neednt separate your faith from your being for they both make up whom you are. Being gay is reaching the autumn of your years and wondering why you have spent most of your life trying to get acceptance from people who don't know you and who don't understand you. Being gay is YOU -- and nothing in this world is more important than that.

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The show has been met with controversy by LGBT groups who claim the narrative of "gay but not gay" is an irresponsible and dangerous practice because it promotes denying ones sexuality in favor of glorified, outdated doctrines.Christian groups have also raised their concerns by suggesting these men are completely immoral and therefore not deserving of Gods love and will be going straight to hell.Ultimately these views serve to highlight the oversimplification of sexuality as either gay or straight, when reality tells us it is much more fluid than that. Surely if one is to believe that Jesus walked on water, than one can at least entertain the idea of somebody desiring both a man and woman?As human beings, the core of our existence is dependent on values that are also modeled in the Christian faith.These values include tolerance, love and acceptance.

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