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However, the internet culture wars have played a very big role in this as well.

Most of the men who have "checked out" as the OP describes are men who spend a lot of time online, and are exposed to the very nasty subcultures that unfortunately have very loud voices on the internet.

"One thing we do know is that scientists are becoming increasingly concerned by recent studies which show alarming effects on wildlife and human cells.

Many scientists believe that chronic low level exposure to these drugs and other toxins, could be subtly bringing on allergies, causing nerve damage, HAMPERING FERTILITY AND DEVELOPMENT, damaging the brain and CHANGING BEHAVIOR, causing cancer and a multitude of other problems and diseases." (NOTE: So you've got boys growing breasts, an increasing gay population, and some sub-populations have practically stopped having male births compared to female births.

Another effect is that The Pill works by tricking the body into believing it's already pregnant.

And what does a female body do in the early stage of pregnancy? So this could be playing into the obesity epidemic too.) There's probably something to that.

Doing a real number on men's hormones, as I understand it. He mentioned the backlash of feminism, but another noteworthy mention was the wrongheaded approach many of our institutions take toward raising our boys while they are warehousing them, that helps contribute to the disconnect. Dating like we do in the USA is madness, and again imo causes unwanted chaos. Madness fits the whole scene perfectly, maybe we should consider why our wise and ancient ancestors never did it, because it never worked unless you had a club and a fancy cave that is. And then bam somebody gets a foot to the face, and off course much later comes the bill.

And what is the equivalent of a club now a days, either drugs, or lots and lots of alcohol, or a Porsche.

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originally posted by: MKMoniker a reply to: nullafides Our public drinking water has been polluted for decades with mostly estrogen, from women on The Pill, and that is the one thing that kept leeching thru from our sewage to our drinking water that couldn't be filtered out: ..

THE DANGERS OF ESTROGEN IN YOUR DRINKING WATER "In 2008, the Associated Press launched a wide-scale, 5-month investigation into pharmaceutical contaminants in drinking water.

" The suddenly painstakingly polite officer"Jadeite. I took the liberty of tasting one for myself, and it's really quite exquisite-"Beryl snapped at that point and lunged, knocking the dark general ass over teakettle as she snatched the large, ludicrously heart-shaped package out of his hands, stage-prop forgotten somewhere on the ground next to her throne."Leave us! Ironically enough, their coloration was exactly opposite what their names would imply... the child-teacher had requested he introduce himself. but if the truth was outrageous enough, why bother? As you have already been informed, my name is Ranma. yes." He could see the child teacher scribble something that looked suspiciously like 'compulsive liar' onto her clipboard before popping a candy into her mouth, and found it privately hilarious, as the fact of the matter was that he was generally scrupulously honest, unless he had some reason not to be. I'm afraid that's the only-""Understood." Sandstone rumbled softly, a voice like cracked stone grinding against itself meaning that she seldom spoke at all, and rarely more than she had to.

"Jadeite was happy to oblige, as Beryl had already begun cooing softly at her prize, and he had no desire to witness the spectacle of gorging that would Ranma had no idea how he'd gotten here... Obsidian having a pale and pearly skin tone, and Sandstone's skin seeming to have the sheen of the volcanic glass that the other was named for. I hail from a kingdom of eternal twilight that never sees the light of day, and greet you warmly as a representative of my homeland. "We will stand."They took up positions in the back of the classroom, eyes sweeping over the class. he's almost completely indiscriminate in his targets, so long as they're female."Ranma made a careful show of eyeing the class suspiciously, as though he was afraid for the virtue of his guardians...

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