Chase and consolidating student loans

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When you decide to refinance, your first move will be to shop around for offers from refinancing lenders, whether that’s with banks, credit unions or online lenders.This shouldn’t affect your credit at all since it only involves a soft credit pull for many lenders.Unfortunately, as of April 2011 Next Student is not accepting private loan consolidation.Student Loan Network ( is another place online to consolidate both federal and private student loans.Consigning should be considered regardless, as it can reduce your interest rate. Chase also allows you to make prepayments without penalty.An overview of your student loan portfolio is all it takes for us to start working on your behalf.

The simple answer is that refinancing will have minimal impact on your credit — as long as you go about the process the right way.

Instead, take time to compare your options and find the lowest rate.

Many lenders make it easy to pre-qualify for an offer with no impact on your score.

Upon graduating, many students have loans that must be repaid.

Whether the loans are federal or private, loan consolidation can ease the burden of paying these debts.

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