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Chapter 1 Fourteen-year-old Jason likes to fantasize about being captured by pirates and stripped in public.

Thinking he is alone, he tries to play that game in the park, but unbeknownst to him, a younger girl is watching him.

The Anderson family owned a rustic, country get-away where generations of Andersons reunited for a couple of weeks each summer.

Fed up with the boys antics, the two determined girls implement a plan to show the two older boys the errors of their ways.Chapter 1 Sixteen-year old Ray babysits his 12-year-old sister and cousin.He gets caught in a compromising situation and the girls turn the tables on him. Chapter 1 What happens when a couple of boys want to join a girls-only tea?Dating Brenda In an university sponsored experimental Enhanced Sexuality Program 10 girls aged 12 to 15 have volunteered to supervise and control the masturbatory activities of 10 reluctant volunteer boys aged 13 to 17.Enhanced Sexuality Program Part 1 Fourteen year old Steven is quite excited to be getting of computer of his own.

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