Celebs dating older men

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Older men have made, or seen, all the mistakes made in the dating game and has, hopefully, learned what not to do.

At the same time, they experience some great times and know exactly how to treat a woman and respect her feelings. Children are not your #1 priority Older men often either already have children of their own, or may not be opento having more (or able to! Some young women find this very appealing and therefore find older men more attractive than younger men for a life-long mate.

Deciding to have children or not can be a huge stress in any relationship, financially, emotionally and physically. All of their focus is soon directed at their kiddo, instead of themselves.

For younger couples this idea of giving up the spotlight is less than appealing.

Check out these 7 reasons women seem to be ditching the bar scene, and heading for the retirement center. You crave financial stability Older men are generally more financially stable tan younger men as they have had a longer time for education and experience in the work world.

While troves of Hollywood men have been notorious for testing the limits, A-list ladies have also given junior companions a shot.

Read on to discover the most memorable relationships between famous women and men who are at least five years younger, and then find out which celebrity couples have stayed together the longest.

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