Carbon dating art

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A copy of the late 20th century can easily be distinguished.

The most recent catalogue on the determination of authenticity in art, published by the same in June 2007, contains an exclusive six-page presentation of the scientific laboratory of the Museo d Arte e Scienza in which its methods for dating paintings, furniture, and objects in ivory and other materials are illustrated in detail and their validity, in effect, originals as long as buyers of art refuse to follow the same line of conduct adopted when acquiring other products, that is to say insisting on a dependable guarantee of the objects authenticity as the condition for its purchase.It is senseless to content oneself with the personal opinions of experts alone in this age of technology and science.Due to technical reasons, using a C-14 test for an object dating between the eighteenth and middle twentieth century (being the most relevant period for African art), remains problematic (partly to blame on the Industrial Revolution).Different calibrations yield different possible intervals of manufacture with non conclusive probability percentages.

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