C19 consolidating

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The first cell is always the same but there will be a different number of rows each time. If I set a dimension for the number of rows can this be used, for instance: Sub consolidate() ' Dim mycount As String ' 'count number of lines Sheets("Mat by Cust"). Putting the Applicant Profile in Edit-Mode: Identifies the steps to access the Project Applicant Profile in : Instructions for completing the HUD Form 2880 in the Project Applicant Profile and the individual Project Applications.DUNS Number and SAM Resource: This document provides instructions on how to obtain a DUNS Number and register with the System for Award Management.I recorded the below code: Sub consolidate() Selection.consolidate Sources:= _ "'I:\[January 11 Sales.xlsm]Mat by Cust'! Clear Contents End Sub This doesn't seem to work unless I have coded it wrong. R19C3: R8512C14" _ , Function:=xl Sum, Top Row:=False, Left Column:=True, Create Links:=False End Sub My problem is how can I convert the reference "R19C3: R8512C14" to another style so that the ending reference can be different each time.

With simple 0U and 1U install options, HPE G2 Basic Power Distribution Units allow you to configure access to power in your rack where you need it the most.

The Co C Program awards funding annually based on a competitive process.

Grant awards are made to recipient organizations that operate housing and services for persons experiencing homelessness and to recipient organizations that represent a Co C and conduct planning or Unified Funding Agency (UFA) activities.

Renewal Project Application Detailed Instructions and Navigational Guide Basic Overview for Completing Renewal Project Application Screens New Project Application Detailed Instructions and Navigational Guide YHDP Renewal Project Application Navigational Guide Project Application Appeal Process Navigational Guide for Solo Projects Co C Planning Project Application Detailed Instructions and Navigational Guide UFA Costs Project Application Detailed Instructions and Navigational Guide FY 2018 and FY 2017 Co C Program Recipient Post-Award User Guides: Describes the Post-Award process for conditionally awarded FY 2018 and FY 2017 New grants, Renewal grants, Co C Planning Cost grants, and UFA Cost grants.

The Court ORDERS that C19-964RSM and C19-965RSM shall be CONSOLIDATED. Within forty-five (45) days of this Order, Plaintiff shall file a single, consolidated complaint setting forth all of Plaintiff's claims against both Defendants.

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