Black black dating interracial man woman

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I will remind you black men that black women view you as slaves, as far as they are concerned interracial dating and marriage ought to be something that only they can engage in and practice.

They detest the fact that black men can date and marry out, they especially hate the fact that black men have more power and reach in the interracial dating market and are involved in interracial relationships at over twice the rate of black women(US-based statistics).

Her boyfriend I suspect already knows what the score is, hence why he decided to date a non black woman.

How much do you want to bet in the past black women called Cofield’s black boyfriend a lame?

However, whenever the combination is reversed and a black man dates or marries a white women, these same black women who congratulated one of their own will crawl out of the woodwork and vehemently oppose such a union.

White Men Black Women is the largest online dating service dedicated to white men and black women mingle.

Do you see how black women as a collective will misbehave in any environment?

Besides, I thought that black women weren’t concerned with black men dating and marrying out.

How much do you want to bet that black women in the past heavily berated Cofield’s boyfriend concerning his dark skinned complexion?

The fact of the matter is just like racist white men black women hold a deep resentment and hatred for black men, they don’t want to see us happy, they wish to see black men remain on the proverbial plantation where we can be controlled by them at the behest of their white slave master.

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