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Some people seem to enjoy the idea of going from one situation to another searching for something that simply does not exist.

You can still try – and you might get lucky – but yeah, your boy Mr Porn Geek is always going to give you a little honesty whenever he can.

But with my personal issues being put to the side, I am even more intrigued by this list and this website’s poor attempt at marketing by using a set of very weak facts to support their assertions.

First, we should all be concerned when anyone goes looking for love with a list in hand.

Perpetual focus on the superficial makes the relationship almost professional in nature and undermines your ability to truly connect to the core.

Second, my father (whom I consider a good man; he was married to my mother for 35 years) and I looked at each other curiously when we thought about how many women keep lists with criteria that they themselves can’t meet.

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