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Be sceptical, if someone sounds too good to be true, they usually are! You want to give the best first impressions you can!

It is paramount to us at Singles Over 60 that all members are safe and feel as safe as possible - if there is behaviour that concerns you, please stop talking to them and report their profile! While the prospect of meeting off-line is an exciting one, make sure you are sure and you are 100% happy and comfortable! It's a scary thought - your comfort zone is built with reinforced walls at this point.

With so many members across the country, ours is one of Ireland's longest running and trusted over 60s dating websites, with award winning customer service. That's ok, it can be daunting to get back in the game, get back on the horse and embrace looking for love again!

Our service and the tools we offer are as simple to use as possible, but should you find yourself a little stuck, support is just a click away, no matter what the problem might be. Our team of moderators work 24/7, checking each and every member profile on our website, ensuring everyone who uses our service is who they say they are. But with Singles Over 60 and our trusty tips, you'll be put at ease and you will enjoy the exhilarating journey to finding yourself and love once again! Why change who you are to seem more appealing online? Someone out there could be looking for you and you could miss a massive opportunity by not being true to yourself!

THE number of online dating apps has certainly skyrocketed in the last few years – for singles and couples, for Christians, for students, for private school graduates, for millionaires and billionaires – you can hardly find an empty niche there.

However, due to the range of problems – such as the lack of safety, and hook-up orientation of most of them – an effective dating platform is still a rare thing to find.

With the purpose of making the app better, Hily’s developers are continually analyzing feedback to implement improvements that make the users’ experience better than in any other dating app out there.

In only a year after being launched, the app was mentioned in a number of ratings of the best dating apps.

Nowadays, it’s considered to be one of the fastest growing dating applications.

Having analyzed the pains of the users of modern dating apps, a group of young developers created Hily, an application aimed at providing the best experience to its users, making sure they stay safe while using the app.

It seems to be working very well for Hily so far – right after its recently launch in the UK and Ireland, the app made it to the top charts in Apple Store and Play Market – beating its top competitors in overall download numbers.

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