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The academics at Houston were great but so were the sports.

We had a great baseball team, football team, basketball team and soccer team. Many of the clubs involved volunteering in the community as a requirement of belonging to the club.

They help their students succeed in anyway they possibly can by tutoring, or even helping after school.

One change that should be made, is that they should be more flexible when it comes to letting students out.

However, one major aspect i would change about Maryville's school system would be the diversity of the teachers and students.

Most of the teachers that work in the school system are Caucasian, which makes some students feel out numbered.

They do care about their students education, and take it very serious.

I wouldn't give up my high school experience for anything. I have taken with me the different study habits and techniques that my teachers have taught me.

I recommend The Collierville School District to my church members that have children in grade school and I will continue to do that. #Go Dragons Johnson City Schools has provided such a wonderful place for you to be your best.

Students and teachers of different races are not as common as the Caucasian students and teachers.

I personally feel out numbered in school because I was a student of a different race, so i would increase the school diversity to help students and teachers feel more comfortable.

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