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Occasionally, they break the Fourth Wall and chat with front-row audience members.

After Stage Manager Kasson Marroquin enters in headphones to give the cast their 10-minute call, the dancers circle up and “hoot”.

Throughout the dance, they take turns being the object of focus, ranging from abuse to encouragement.

We all expect more great work in the future from a troupe that is like no other on the planet.

The work turns dream-like as the men emerge, naked, and the women cradle them like newborns.

The music by composer Robert Dennis, complete with fiddles and fifes, is reminiscent of the American South during the late 1800’s.

(2007) is a collaboration with the Israeli choreographers Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak.

The curtain opens to reveal an oddball “support group” of six characters sitting in a circle of wooden chairs. One section features dancers sliding about in socks to a jazz track, creating a unique and fanciful kind of movement that is irresistible.

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