Australian dating laws

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The two types of patents granted in Australia are the standard patent and the innovation patent.You may also consider filing a provisional application or seeking international protection.It lasts for up to 20 years from the filing date of your application (or up to 25 years for pharmaceutical substances).The invention claimed in a standard patent must be new, involve an inventive step and be able to be made or used in an industry.It is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to obtain protection for your new device, substance, method or process.The innovation patent requires an innovative step rather than an inventive step.

The new bill will include the provision for access to an abortion in the first 22 weeks of a pregnancy and is based on Queensland laws introduced last year that stemmed from law reform commission reviews.This difference must be something more than the simple application of published information or standard background knowledge.Before a standard patent can be granted, the application will be examined by us to make sure it meets legislative requirements.The bill will also include a conscientious objection clause for doctors, who would be obliged to refer patients to other medical practitioners.Mr Greenwich said there had been extensive support for the bill."There is obviously strong support across the Parliament," he said."We've got great supporters within the Labor Party.

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