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(When the app started, the questions were penned by Seattle artists.) Artists often deal with visibility and lack thereof, and one of Siren’s main selling points is that it aims to discourage the creepy, harassing guys who plague other dating sites and apps by allowing women to remain invisible until they decide they like a guy. It allows you to indicate whether you are male or female or if you don’t classify yourself in that binary way.

It also lets you indicate whether you’re open to dating transgender people.

When a man goes out on a date, he should be clear and direct about what he expects.

He shouldn’t create false expectations to get companionship and/or sex from a woman.

For men: To become a Master in dating, there must be transparency and honesty. If you’re playing around or cheating on someone or being flat-out disrespectful right now as you read this, these questions are for you: If someone were doing to your sister what you’re doing to the women in your dating life, would you allow it?

And it has earned plenty of press and some plaudits, winning Geekwire’s app of the year award for 2015.

But all that emphasis on safe spaces and community doesn’t distract the company from the primary goal of any dating application.

Another fun feature is that it allows women to sign up invisibly so that they can check out men’s profiles and point them out to their friends—a function called “wing woman.” And, back to those mythical women, the “siren call” feature lets women send out a signal to people nearby that they’re ready to meet up right away, be it for coffee or something racier.

The app’s attempt to create a friendlier, safer environment seems to be paying off; the company claims to have had zero reports of harassing messages.

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