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Granted, the movie doesn’t make a lot of demands from Lee (Cary is fire-obsessed comic-relief, the end) and Basso (Martin is nerdy, the end), but it desperately needed Griffiths to step up.

He can play a young teenager naturally enough, but when the script calls on him for comic timing or deeper emotions, his performance becomes uneven.

Sometimes he’ll hit his mark and other times his readings come out stilted.

Furthermore, when the scene is just Charles and Joe, there’s not much chemistry between the two and you struggle to believe that they’ve been friends since kindergarten. As I said before, Abrams proves yet again that he can create well-crafted and intense set pieces and the way he uses sound both in action scenes and to build suspense is masterful.

There’s a passion for the action scenes, but he doesn’t seem to enjoy grinding out the plot or adding shading to his adult characters.For a movie that wants to call back the group of friends from is Fanning.In some ways, she has to play a wider set of emotions than Joe and she does a great job of balancing a character who is developmentally ahead of the boys, but is still willing to have fun on their level.The injured driver, a high-school science teacher, tells them to run or they’ll be killed.The Air Force shows up hunting for something that looks to be very big and lethal.

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