18 yr old dating 30 yr old

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It often ended up that my sister and her friends would migrate elsewhere and Sean and I would be left alone watching movies, sharing jokes, and talking long past the time that everyone around us fell asleep. We were virtually inseparable for the next two weeks.I ended my very adult relationship with a 30-year-old to carry on what should have been a very passionate fling with an 18-year-old.He came over during one of the first days that my sister was home. An 18-year-old gave me my first insight into what it felt like to really see someone and to really be seen.I don't want to say that he took my breath away because I'm not in the business of clichés, but that first time I saw him again, my lungs decided they would cease to perform their normal functions. His Syrian ancestors blessed him with a golden brown complexion, dark eyes, and a smile that could make the darkest room seem bright. This carried on for two weeks, and my already tenuous relationship with Mark began to hurtle rapidly toward destruction.

Who knew this bar would have a dollar’s worth of O-Town songs?Sean and I spent the next two-and-a-half years breaking each other's hearts over and over again.But after the shattering, we always came back to one another, and as we put each other back together, we became intimately familiar with the other's pieces.It’s too bad O-Town was hit by a bus."He was the only "younger guy" I’d ever gone out with, by about six years, and I used to ask my friends obsessively if it was "weird." But they just thought it was strange that all of our conversations could start a potential death rumor about Ray Liotta. Ultimately, it wasn’t that this guy was young; it was that I had absolutely nothing to say to him that wasn’t "There," "Not there," "NOT there, this isn’t anybody’s birthday," or "Slow down, Usain Bolt, who incidentally is ." It wasn’t about age—it was about somebody with a nice body I had absolutely nothing to say to.I’ve discussed dating out of your demographic with men and women alike, and while everybody has a lot to say on the subject of age, I’m of the opinion that it is, indeed, nothing but a number.

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