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Social media users continue to use a relatively diverse array of platforms.More than half of online adults (56%) use more than one of the five social media platforms measured in this survey, a share that is statistically unchanged from the 52% who did so in 2014.

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Other than this slight uptick among Facebook users, daily engagement for each of the other major social media platforms is generally similar to Pew Research Center findings from 2015.

The share of online adults who use Linked In has remained steady over the past year: 29% report using the site, similar to the 25% who said this in 2015.

Linked In has long been especially popular with college graduates and high income earners, and this trend continues to hold true.

Continuing a long-standing trend, women use Pinterest at much higher rates than men.

Nearly half of online women use the virtual pinboard (45%), more than double the share of online men (17%) who do so.

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