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In 2016, he started to do commentary videos, mostly on other You Tubers or people.He gained popularity very fast especially in December 2016 and January 2017 when he gained 65,000 subscribers in two months.In May 2019, James Charles was accused of being predatory to straight men by Tati Westbrook.At the time of James' video, "Tati" still being available, there was not enough information about the situation, but due to the allegations, Im Allexx and many other You Tubers decided to side with Tati, not realizing they didn't have his side of the story.Most notably, she played Frisk in New Scape Pro's Undertale series and roleplay mini-games.She also played Chica in his FNAF series and played a role in Gizzy Gazza's Purge series.In his video, "My Experiences With James Charles," he claimed that there was a lot of "evidence" that proved that he was guilty of it.

), better known online as Im Allexx (or just Alex), is a British You Tuber who is best known for his commentary videos mostly on trending topics.The last tweet that he made about the situation was him defending himself from Keemstar, claiming "I have not called Slazo a rapist Keem and you full well know that I have not once referred to him as a rapist.Saying I have is simply untrue", ignoring the fact that he implied in his tweets that he thought Slazo was one.However, this was never brought to light until June 19.On June 19, 2019, Slazo's ex-girlfriend, Chey, came out to Tumblr and made a post, explaining that she had a relationship with Slazo, but the relationship was toxic including her claiming that Slazo was a rapist.

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